My favourite casual outfit

White tank top with denim jeans

Hello πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ my beautiful viewers and followers i’m back with new blog. Hope you are fantastic, healthy and safe.

This outfit look is one of my favourites because it’s so cute and comfortable! I love the combination of white and blue ripped denim together. I tend to live in jeans 97% of the time so it will be so nice and comfortable to have such a cute outfit with ripped jeans! Honestly i’m obsessed with ripped jeans. here i compliment with diamond cuff earrings and beautiful diamond chain. Last but not the list i complete my look with nude shade non-makeup makeup look.

If you guy’sΒ Β  want to know my this nude makeup tutorial tell me in comment section. I would really like to share with you this. Hope you guys love this blog and help you to style your self. Lot’s of love to the my lovely visiters, followers and readers.

πŸ”₯ 5 poses to look sexy in photos πŸ”₯

Hello my amazing viewers and follower. Pardon me i couldn’t post any blog in last 2 days. Hope you all are fine, safe and healthy. today we learn about poses. So let’s go….,read,Learn and try. Please share reviews after trying. No matter how you look, what’s your height, what your skin tone, or no matter where you live etc….. I believe every peoples beautiful, hot, sexy there own way. We live in 21th century. Where some peoples are judgemental about looks. So don’t worry now I’m all here. You don’t have to be a blogger, a model, or a celebrity to look good in real life or reel life.

πŸ”₯ Sassy Classy 😎

Let’s start if you look sexy in photos. You just need to remember and do 2 point.
β€ŒBody posture


Here is some references pictures. When you don’t have any prop to carry with you in shoot You, just need to play with your hair, expresssions and hands. JustΒ  keep your back straight and stand in your favorite pose, which shows your body curves and just play with your hair-hands.


Hope you guys love it and enjoying my blog. I’m every time excited and happy to share with you tips, tricks and past few year experiences. I’m new in blogging filed so keep supporting me, give me your love and some tips also to improve and learn blogging. Lot’s of love to the my lovely visiters, followers and readers.

πŸ’ Cute Street Look πŸ’


Hello my lovely πŸ’™πŸ€ peoples.hope you all are okay in this tuff pandemic prayers and wishes with you.So my today’s blog is about cute spring and monsoon time street look with minimal accessories.most of the time i wear western clothes and if I’m talking about my favourite western clothes then i always gone for shorts,camis,crop tops like now let’s go to point today’s blog.


I created  these look with Cute minimal accessories with light nude non makeup makeup look.secondly here i wear cute light peach πŸ‘ colored short with beautiful indigo teal linings high neck tee and i Matched beautiful blush pink colored Cristal earring with that short.i added nude cinnamon colored watch.i don’t know why but i usually wear scrunchy on the hands.i think I’m in love with scrunchies 😜.and last but not the list i carry dark navy blue colored simple floral print sling bag.wollah now ready for cute street look πŸ’πŸ¦„βœ¨.

πŸ–€ My Smokey Look πŸ–€

Hello,guys let’s talk about my all time favourite color black.i mean the most favourite i created cute i wear simple cute lil off shoulder ruffle sleeve crop top and black and white horizontal lines skirt.with my fav silver smokey makeup look.always remember that whenever you do heavy eye make-up, then you have to wear light color shade blusher and lipstick so that the eye makeup gets more attention.second but not the list i’ll always wear minimum accessories as you know here i wear perl earing and cute perl hair clips and my favourite 2 layered yaah this is my favourite look.


I’m so happy to share with you my all time favourite what you waiting for my lovely followers.try it yourself mentioned me.

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